The City shall provide a sickness and accident insurance plan whereby employees will be provided benefits amounting to fifty percent (50%) of their base pay for a maximum of fifty-two (52) weeks upon the occurrence of the following events:

  • First (1st) day of accident;
  • First (1st) day of inpatient hospitalization (includes outpatient surgery);
  • Sixteenth (16th) calendar day of sickness.

Employees may utilize their sick bank for the first fifteen (15) days in cases of sickness where there is no hospital confinement. On the sixteenth (16th) day of sickness, employees may choose to be covered by the insurance provided herein or may, at their option, continue to utilize their sick bank. While receiving insurance benefits, employees may choose to have a deduction of one quarter (1/4) of a sick day or one-quarter (1/4) of a vacation day for each day of benefits to supplement the insurance payments.

Essentially, you are paid 75% pay.  Fifty percent (50%) from the insurance company paid weekly and twenty-five percent (25%) from the city in your normal paycheck, bi-weekly.  

To submit a request for disability, off-duty accident, or surgery, contact the WPOA Union.  There is paperwork that is required to be completed by your doctor.  For further questions you may contact the Insurance Division of City Hall at 586-574-4653.  

WPOA Contract Article 17