Police Officers, Corporals and Dispatchers shall be entitled to participate in an educational incentive program under which the City shall pay Police Officers and Dispatchers who have completed four (4) years of service as Officers or Dispatchers with the Warren Police Department.  

  • two hundred dollars ($200.00) for a Certificate
  • four hundred dollars ($400.00) for an Associate Degree 
  • six hundred dollars ($600.00) for a Bachelor’s Degree 

The degree must be in Police Science and/or Police Administration from an accredited college or university. These benefits shall be paid the second payday in August.

Officers and Dispatchers who attain an Associate Degree, Bachelor Degree, or a Certificate in Police Science and/or Police Administration and/or four (4) years of service after the August pay date and before the end of the calendar year shall receive their first such payment in January.

WPOA Contract Article 28